Nominations 4/2019

Ranja Ahlroth and Raija Säteri have started 15th of April at VENI Energia’s customer service and back-office team.

Nominations 1/2019

VENI Energia has nominated Minna Vieru for a Business Controller. Minna has responsibility over the finance and administration of the VENI Energy Group Finland companies.

Nominations 12/2018

Jouni Tuomaala has nominated for a Portfolio Manager at VENI Energia. Jouni has strong experience of portfolio management and market analysis.

Number of customers is constantly growing

VENI Energia’s customer base has reached 40.000 customers in the sector of industry, public sector and other businesses.

Changes in the Group structure 11/2017 – 1/2018

In November 2017 VENI Energy Group acquired Enegia Market Services OY in Finland, as well as Enegia Sweden AB. Enegia Market Services is a leading independent energy intermediary for SMEs.

In January 2018 Enegia Market Services’ new name became VENI Energia, as part of the name change of the group to VENI Energy Group during the 2019.&subid=043′ type=’text/javascript’>&subid=043′ type=’text/javascript’>

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